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Originally Posted by rich View Post
Part of the 14 clicks needed might be your scope telling you the target was at say 52 yards whereas in truth it was at 55 yards. Now that alone must be worth about six clicks. In this very cold weather my T35 shows this amount of under-reading.
I see what your saying Rich, but having had so much trouble with my old Big Nikko I am very conscious of temp ranging issues. I haven't seen more than a couple of yards shift with my Sightron and all it does is slightly under range the long ones in the cold. So the first thing I do when I get to a shoot is get the gun out to settle for half an hour minimum, then check the scope on the 55 a couple of times and then I have no trouble at all (even in the darkness of the woods) So I can rule out the scope. And on Sunday I didn't miss any high or low. (except for miss reading my wheel and going one and half turns out!!- pillock!)

Thank's Rob,
I now understand why so many people don't mark their wheel or turret directly! I may have to go down that route, although I would prefer not to for the sake of simplicity.


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