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Originally Posted by Gibbs View Post
I think it's relatively standard practice to add/subtract clicks when you find the POI has changed (from shoot to shoot)
So to answer the question "why" It's certainly not the scope moving about! But could be a number of other things.
If damp air is slowing down the pellet more than normal, then it stands to reason that some adjustment needs to be made.

If the gun is producing the change in POI (as apposed to the atmospherics) then my old method of dialling out the difference and leaving it would have been ok.
But if it's atmospherics changing the POI, then I would expect the shape of the trajectory to be different, thus needing a more complicated solution. ie more clicks for longer ranges.
I hope I'm making sense here!?


You are. I think you're right. But adding clicks is a simple solution... i've lifted and shifted my turret through the winter as I saw fit and it works fine, even though i know it's not bang on. If I need to at 1 MOA at the long range then i can still get away with 1 MOA out close in.

1 MOA = 1 inch at 100yds, or 1/2" at 50yds.. but at 12.5yds it's 1/4". So adding 4x1/4 MOA or 8x1/8 MOA is a big deal down range, but not too much of a niggle at reducer ranges... Probably the most problematic would be 25yd 15mm's... but then you can check those at the plinking range.

This is why i carry numbers on a card and dont use a marked turret. If i need to add 6 clicks at 55 and none at 25 then all i need to do is add 1 click at 30, 2 at 35, 3 at 40, 4 at 45, 5 at 50 and 6 at 55... a quick scribble on my bit of paper and i'm off. Those who have preset numbers on their dials have to remember the offset. My brain aint that big.
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