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Not verbatim (cos the draft minutes are secured)... but here's the nutshell...

Nefta proposed two proposals

1) kneelers to be taken standing, and if you can't stand you take 2 zeros.

2) all sitting class

No.2 wasn't seconded, so was ditched.

No.1 was voted on by 7 regions ( 2 regions weren't present ). 3 voted for it, 3 against, 1 abstained. The deciding vote fell to the chair but protocol insists that a deciding vote cannot change the status quo, so it's back where it was.

Having been to several meetings now, I can tell you that several reps often vote as per their region, even though personally they may not agree with that view, and that proposals without detail or unable to answer a difficult question can also fail.

There's the opportunity for more proposals to be submitted by the end of feb for a vote at the Inters, so the door isn't closed on the season's rules just yet.
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