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Default Admire your dedication

Originally Posted by villiers View Post
-3 this morning Da was was -2700 and the pellets dropped like a stone, my sized pellets dropped more than unsized speed at gun was good down range
at 50 yards i had lost over 40ftps fps so i need a floating BC to see a real world drop.
Bloody cold on the fingers hard to load .
Admire your dedication.

As for the fingers, I found those heat sachets are good, they last for about 7 hours,
keep one in your pocket to keep warming the fingers.

Do you run two chronos for this type of testing, one near, one far?

What is the linear drop in inches/mm at the target @ 50yards?

I haven't had the opportunity to do any testing in this weather.
There is nothing impossible to those who will try!

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