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Our other club shooter had a bad day (11 scored) and we decided to have a check over the chrono when we got back. Finally got the right battery and 10 shots of the chrono gave results of average of 774fps with +/- 5fps so that bits not the problem.

Will be checking again on Sunday along with pellets and targets weather permitting of course. Just hope the rifle has not decided to hate JSBs and like Premiers as it used to be the other way round.

See you all at Bisley next.


Not able to check the longer distances very well due to the fact the farmer requested no club member attepmt to enter the field due to waterlogged conditions. Even his tractor was struggling.

However did manage to get to check the windage at 20yds. Just over an inch out to the left at 20yds, so I have got the windage back to nothing and put the turret back to zero marking. Now it just needs the club memebr to leave the windage turrets alone, rather than keep adjusting them on the zeroing range.

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