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Wooden Spoon again! dropped my riffle on its scope took half the shoot to work out where the new zero was!

Again I was paired with a pro (thanks for all the advice) , still feels like my first few driving lessons!

Some amazing shooting, and a huge amount of work must have gone into the shoot, LOVED the bird on a pole , maybe 15 feet high, THAT one i did hit!

Just a thank you to all the shooters and organisers, learning new tricks and tips every week.

I am going to get a decent target .177 in the next few weeks and just for some fun a .22 springer.

Considering I had a gun that i had to shot 4 mill dots low @ 25 , was clipping the silencer and half and inch to the right , I think I did on with 23!

Great fun guys, always a fun day out for me.

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