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Default Wind wot wind...

I enjoyed the shoot so thanks for all the effort put in setting it up. First few lanes I was doing well and thought I had the light wind under control but then .... the "wind" started to blow from the left then right again but nothing was moving worth going out of kill for. Must be cold air flowing down the hill, no must be gun going strange (darn Anschutz!) then one went right more than a KZ even though a definite wind from right. WTH? Must be the Density Altitude change with a horizontal component from Coriolis' Force.

Then I noticed that the hasty windicator I put on used a cable tie (just like other ones) but .... it was too thick for the gap between cylinder and barrel and every time I put the gun in the bag it rotated and again when it came out, etc ... sound of head smacking .. off with the cable tie and now pellets make sense again ...

Sigh. Of course I blame the govt or bankers or OK it was my bad :-)

All good fun.

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