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Default The Perfect score

after killing most of my brain cells at the bfta meeting yesterday, i had a bright idea on the way home while tring not to eat Bertys farts.

I was thinking of setting REV up this week on express as back up.
Truth is I now like Rev in the grey stock and think thats what i will do, putting Priest in the Red stock when its back, hopefully after Bisely in two weeks time.

anyway, decided that today I would swap over again so Rev into the grey stock, found some sort of 7.3g pellets in a pouch and off to go. as i had not got up after the 5am to 9pm saturday bfta jaunt until 9am this morning, 260 miles to east Devon and back was out, so opted for Blaina Gwent.

It was nagging me that the Rs needed one more try to convince me to bin them and as Blaina is usually very windy i thaught this would do.

Zero range did not really answer many quastions. Bord at marke "35" (was told it was yards) came in at 35 m and board marked "50" came in at 50 meter. Aim points were ok, but i dont think the gun had cooled down enugh coming from the car. Missed target 2. Think it came in as 45m but gave 3 edge and struck 6 oclock. So quick check on crombo showed 794 /795, 25 fps down1 Must have been the cold?

I missed a couple of long ones forgettting to add a couple of clicks due to low fps. I missed enough for wind confirm to tell me that below 40 m Rs / falcon are superb. however, past 40m its a bit od a lottery.

There was harldy any wind today, i think if i had been on express i would not have come out of kill??

Still, enjoyed the day and my score worked out well afte Little Jacks clerance, which was very well done despite Berty doing some sort of jungle book dance behind him in the last lane.

So shall set up Rev on express this week!
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