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Originally Posted by Charlts View Post
Might be worth asking the person you bought the trophy off for some history Mike!
The origional SEAWC FT has gone . it was resurected for a while at the back of brandshatch by big tom . but died again . there is HFT version i think off the A 20 just before the M25 . dunno if that is still there . many good memorys of shooting there a while back ??? HOLLY
PS they put the bog at the back of the zero range and you had be careful when you came out.

Thanks for the suggestion Chalts,but I have enough from that time to retire with If I sold them but I think the storeage company would notice a drop in their turnover if I did..

Wondered what became of them Holly,their ground was as you say interesting,as was most of the early ones.I actually miss the seat of the pants/can do attitude at the time, something that seems to be missing these days as you arn't developing the sport and pushing boundaries not really knowing where it will go or end, probably just doing it for the fun.I think one of their members was a good shot even though he had one arm.An article in an early airgun mag was about him entering a competition having bought it and winning a gun which he then proceeded to win early FT comps with.shame they have gone would like to shoot some of the early grounds.
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