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Default Its Been A While.........

Its been a while (4 decades!) since I last shot an air rifle. Have since dabbled with clay shooting and indoor range pistol shooting.

I feel the urge to try a rifle once more...but how things have changed!

Have read some mags and catalogues. Fancy a go at HFT.
Question: in the mags/catalogues the rifles are shown as "prime role" FT HFT Hunter etc. Now.. would a rifle specified as "Hunter" be suitable for HFT or are there some factors in the rifles specified as HFTs that are needed which may not be in those marked as Hunter only?
I am particularly interested in a springer rifle (pref under lever) but if I look at just those marked HFT only the choice seems somewhat limited.

Question: As I am in Oxfordshire (Wallingford) does anyone have any comments about the North Oxon Club or perhaps the Newbury they participate in HRT?

Thanks in advance for any help/info.
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