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Originally Posted by PeteM View Post
There is no prohibition about using a Kestrel on the course
as far as I know there is no prohibition on checking the wind speed during the competition

On the practical side; Is there enough time to be doing all of that?
Can't personally see a problem with allowing use of such devices during a course, as the technology debate was lost when HFT split from FT. (high mag scopes etc)

IMHO consulting such a device may or may not raise the bar of performance depending on the knowledge applied to the information given, and how it is used.......Much like using a high mag scope.

They are not prohibitively expensive to obtain a base model which gives you the information you absolutely need.....therefore not an unfair advantage to be had.

Question being: is it a gain in performance that is big enough to cause a big stink over and ban use, or let it slide and absorb the devices into top level FT. Cripes enough is spent on top end rifles, scopes, accessories already so what is one more item for the "serious" to use.

There is time to use one properly, just not on a shot to shot its of no value in that regard. It would be informative between lanes or when a change is felt and confirmation required. Its value is as an information source for the shooter to then process in a meaningful way, but it will still not make a successful shot of you. It is mainly an education and confirmation tool, without the background knowledge it is just going to confuse.......

Wind meter part probably " shouldn't" be used on the line, but as with windicators its not telling the whole not really fussed.

BTW I don't own one, preferring to use the three separate tools; barometer-thermometer-hygrometer.....and manually calculating the DA. But I would if it became an essential part of kit used commonly.


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