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Originally Posted by CameronWilson View Post
I've noticed that there are a lot of HFT shooters on this forum that are keen on the Hawke SR6 reticle, and I was wondering what its benefits were?

The SR6, like Hawke's Map 6a reticle, appears to have irregularly spaced elevation markers, and I have often wondered how suitable these reticles are for range finding via the bracketing technique.

According to Hawke's website the Map 6a reticle features "Hollow bars are calibrated for 3, 6 and 9" bracketingwhen set on 6x magnification" but it doesn't tell you at which distance this is true.

Also, on the SR6 reticle, there are a number of lines etched in the bottom left hand quadrant of the reticle what are these used for?


Cam, the irregular spacing is no use for bracketing, that's why there's a separate scale to the left side with equaly spaced lines. I used this ret for years but find it easier to bracket with the Hawke TAC reticle (half mil dot) as its hollow bars have mil and 0.2 mil spacing. Also it's tricky to measure, say, a kill zone with the SR6 A-D brackets as they are staggered next to each other.
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