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Originally Posted by AIRFIX GILLY View Post
Hi Berty,
Unfortunately when I assembled this unique team I was actually looking to form a team of field target shooters`. However Berty, you can rest assured that should I ever assemble a team of sheep sha**ers you would be my first pick! It was a close call between you and Simon Evans but you get the nod on account of your previous experience.

Your good friend,

I understand little fella.

It is a good thing you dont reside down this way Andy, I don't think the sheep would wait long enough for you to set up a step ladder behind them for you to try and get some personal pleasure.

Ah well let's see what the season brings eh bud.

I'm sure I will catch you soon.
Hope your bones have got stronger bud.
As were not team mates anymore eh.....

Berty "rib tickler" Bassett
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