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Originally Posted by pwiles1968 View Post
Wow thanks for the offer may well come along for a look was hoping that the sport is a sociable one and so far definitely looks that way, I work in Coventry so greyhound is close enough to travel to, it is more my son that is interested and I suspect if i ask the shop at Kilworth will let him try an s400 for size.

Does the Greyhound have a website or any other info, looking at Clubs also have been down to Cosford, nice and friendly there though only seen to be open Saturdays for Air Rifles.

I am not the most patient of people I can see myself with a set-up before then I have not got huge amounts to spend ATM but I could stretch to a light weight S400 carbine and scope if my son can handle the s400 that is looking favourite (Thanks Dave for the 1 shot info).

Kilworth seem pretty competitive on price and they have been good about trying the rifles so they will most likely get my business but is there any where else in the area you would recommend for air-rifles?

Paul I'm in Wigston by South Leicester rugby club, if you want to bring your lad over one evening he can have a go of a couple of little guns I have. Just drop me a pm.

Daves advice of not rushing is the best you'll get.
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