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Originally Posted by TeamZ View Post
crikey, it's amazing how quickly things like this can get out of hand!

In my humble opinion a shotgun start tales away the whole essence of the ( of rather the MFTA winter league). They are meant to be relaxed and informal, for me personally it's difficult to say I can be at a shoot at the same pre determined time every time so being able to arrive at leisure is much better. If I don't want to queue I either get up earlier, have natter or get therelater - simple.

Get your votes in and make the difference of it's so important or better still get to the meetings so you know what's going on at a base level.

Of course I appreciate each region does it differently and due to it's attendance NEFTA has great success so of clearly can work.

I do feel and I said this at the weekend that the MFTA seem to all get on very well, gell together as a region and enjoy what we do so take of easy and enjoy what we have.


Well said Chris, The MFTA commitee and clubs work very hard on our behalf and need the support of us shooters karl...
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