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crikey, it's amazing how quickly things like this can get out of hand!

In my humble opinion a shotgun start tales away the whole essence of the ( of rather the MFTA winter league). They are meant to be relaxed and informal, for me personally it's difficult to say I can be at a shoot at the same pre determined time every time so being able to arrive at leisure is much better. If I don't want to queue I either get up earlier, have natter or get therelater - simple.

Get your votes in and make the difference of it's so important or better still get to the meetings so you know what's going on at a base level.

Of course I appreciate each region does it differently and due to it's attendance NEFTA has great success so of clearly can work.

I do feel and I said this at the weekend that the MFTA seem to all get on very well, gell together as a region and enjoy what we do so take of easy and enjoy what we have.


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