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I'm trying to stick to Falcons at 7.3 grains as this is my preferred pellet. That's what the test was done with.

Before I cleaned both barrels I tried Falcons the previous week, then some H&N FTTs, then back to Falcons. It amazes me how much one pellet can affect another. The Falcons came out in a shotgun spread after the H&Ns. Hence the need to clean and start a fair comparison. Both were VFG'd and have only had the Falcons through since.

Interestingly JB pointed out the bore to the Hornet barrel was off-centre to the outside, noticibly so.
Neil had to machine the 15.5mm BSA and sleeve it to 16mm to fit the Steyr and so he used a four-way chuck and dial gauge to ensure the breech end bore was aligned perfectly to the stabiliser probe. Although the Hornet barrel is 1/2" UNF threaded at the end (kept to retain crowning) he recommended not fitting a stripper or silencer as the offset would clip either. I've never fitted a stripper to any of my Steyr barrels, whereas I have one on most of my other guns.

I take the point about the 6 identical POIs with the BSA. It was very still last Saturday, hence that sort of result. I'd shot the Steyr barrel first and I guess I was kind of hoping the BSA would be better, so may have been 'shaking' in anticipation for the last 4 shots with the BSA!

Changing from .22 to .177 barrels I left the power the same initially. It dropped to 8.5 ft lbs but you wouldn't have known it trajectory wise. I guess a little wind would have shown the difference up some more. Upped to 11.5 ft lbs now. Reg has not been touched and seems to work fine for both .22 and .177 (original) barrels. Just luck I suppose.

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