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Originally Posted by holly View Post
The busnel elite 6500 is with out doubt the worst FT scope i have ever bought , the big nikko is a tool . it does the job but is heavy and does not really give pleasure to use , try a Lupe Comp X in 35 mag with a three inch side wheel , no bigger cos it gives great big gaps between ranges . 30+30 ret , the dots are to small . the bigger ones are more accurate for ranging , but darker and harder on standers . the 35 mag does it all .??? HOLLY
Had a 35x, sold it as it is not a patch on a 40x or a 45x.

All things considered a 40x is the best for ft.

I originally bought 2 40x and 2 45x from Premier Reticles with a view to keep the ones I liked best.

Kept the 40s and sold the 45s.
Less is more.

More or less.
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