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Originally Posted by Cooperman View Post
Did the same as you Paul.

I read somewhere that some good quality 3M cellotape is just the right size for taking up the play and robust enough to stand up to removal/refitting.

As Lloyd says, if you shine a torch you can see it pulls to one side which is then very close to clipping.

If I remember right my barrel circumference was in the region fo 15.95mm whilst the stripper measured up at 16.05mm. The stripper cone hole was 4.8mm so only gives you 0.15mm to play with either side on a 4.50mm pellet.

Using some shim to take up this minute amount of play and now it fits perfectly central, so much so that I didn't need to rezero after a quick test on the range.

Don't know why Steyr put this extra "slack" in the fit but wondered if it had anything to do with fitting one on the Hunter model with it's black barrel. Not measured the circunference of the Hunter barrel yet but according to Rowan Engineering they are slightly larger due to the black paint/powdercoat.
It is to allow for the coating, I believe
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