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Originally Posted by Recoiling Rob View Post
I would also prefer a Shogun start, as is the practice in NEFTA (I shoot NEFTA and it is so much better and you can divide your time eating and chatting etc. without losing your place)

I am allocated a lane and can meet new people at every shoot rather than going round with a pal or canvassing for a free shooter

Whoever is representing us as shooters in the MFTA Winter League has never approached me or asked my formal opinion on standing for over an hour in the freezing cold (Purley) or shotgun starts. !!!!

Lee has stated that jumping in on a free lane is acceptable so please can you include this information on the score card as I have experienced the “look” and the moan at Dowry last year along with others.

Will all due respect - feck the looks or the moaning - ITS IN THE FECKING RULES - everyone can do it, if other people can't be arsed or can't remember what lane they started on, well who's fault is that :-)

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