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Default So, looks like Walther time then

This weekend i take possession of my new Walther and to be honest ..... I CANT WAIT!! From what i hear they work rather well and fingers crossed it will help me this season . I don't think there is anything better than getting a new gun.... unless its two new guns. So its nose to the grindstone and practice practice practice from now on. Lets hope the gun works as well i hear and there are no problems with it like seals or anything else!!!

There might be a different scope adorning it as well.... still sure about that though as i fear change

You lot had better watch out....i hope


This post is in no way aimed at anybody nor is it to incite a row of any sort. its about "ME" and "MY" new gun...NOTHING MORE!! Please please get over yourself as its all becoming petty!
I didn't ask for these powers !

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