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That's nuts. It contains no optical elements - it's just a flippin' lens cap!

In the other thread Pete explains that it's been banned because if it was permitted, "things will get silly", but then goes on to describe a method for achieving exactly the same (alleged) benefit on any scope without a lens cap, thus confirming that the Accucover cap offers no advantage over any other. Therefore I'd say that if this scope cap continues to be banned, we're already far beyond silly. And from a practical point of view, in such a difficult economic climate, has anyone considered the impact on a small business which has brought a very good product to the market, by banning all HFT shooters from using it?

As long as I'm permitted to continue shooting at my local club, I don't really care if all my scores are recorded as Zeros. I shoot for the fun, the banter and the challenge - I'm happy to leave the competition to the guys with the 'approved' lens caps.
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