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Default Accucover scope cap

After my third Butler Creek bust on me in the last year, I decided to try a different make of scope cap, and bought an Accucover which is miles better - it's much better made, more robust, and easy to find & fit the right size (3 sizes fit all scopes, rather than having to use a micrometer to find the one of twenty Butler Creek sizes!). Since then however, several folk have told me it's illegal and I'll be disqualified from any UKAHFT event. For using the wrong lens cap!!!

I've looked carefully at the 2012 rules, and can see nothing that describes how the scope cap could contravene. It's not an optical aid, it doesn't assist with wind estimation, it doesn't assist with levelling the scope, it doesn't alter the aperture of the scope - it doesn't do much of anything apart from keep the rain off my eyepiece.

People compete side by side in HFT with guns costing 50, and guns costing 1,500; using scopes costing 20 and scopes costing 2,000; with standard stocks and all-singing, all-dancing, adjustable-everything stocks; wolly mittens and 100 shooting gloves. How can it be that someone will be disqualified for using the wrong lens cap??!!

I've also read that many clubs are not enforcing the rule (the rule I can't find!) in non UKAHFT events - I guess because they think it's a bit daft. Can someone explain the thinking behind the UKAHFT position? And point to the rule that prohibits the accucover cap? Is it not time for a rethink?


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