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Session 1

Pete Foote
Simon Foote
Tom Morgans
Mick Goodenough
Tony Male
Simon Howarth
Simon Harrison
Gerry Baillon
Chris Coombes
Peter underwood
Andrew underwood
Mini Marshall
Ian Hunter
Dave Hunter
Rancid Tom Nelson
Tony Lamsdale
Steve Liddamore
Chris Sutcliffe
Thomas Buckley
Dave Clements
Dean Westwood
Jon Roper
Tom Roper
Paul Spencer
Mark Thompson
Kathy Thompson
Michelle Pullen
Dave Goldsberry
James Remould McLachlan
Andy Frank McLachlan
Andy Shorts Wilson
Chris Annie Morton
Lee Grumpy Meadows
Alan Shammy Meadows
Brian Dicko Heaps
Bert Tate
Mike Everson
Steve Cartledge
Ricky Downing
Giles Tibbitts
Richard Ardern
Aretha Devanney
Alex Dewsbury
Mikey Heathcote
Levi Hawthorn
John Hunt
John Hodgetts
Mick Mctighe
Ken Gould
Nigel Smith
Dave Martin
Alex Larkin
Gary Chillingworth
Jean Greatrex
Ian Bainbridge
Darrin Lynn
Phil Jones
Hamish Wood-Cuttler
Adrian Pusey
Jason Pusey (junior)
Colin Evans
Si Belcher
Ed belcher
Tony Hodgkinson

Session 2
Greg Hensman
Duane Grace
Mandy Grace
Thomas Grace
Rob Mobley
Chris Mobley
Chris Cundey
Mark Crossland
Paul Johnson
Paul Brittain
Matt Furlong
Paul Andrews
Mike Slatcher
Martin Peake
Jez Ashby
Steve Oultram
Sam Oultram
Tye Forde
Paddy Egan
Andy Wilkinson
Grego Hensman
Brian Lewis
Mike Turner
Kieran Lewis
Bob Clay
Steve Whiting

Due to a misunderstanding of the travelling time, We wiil not be attending , I have cancelled the 3 names [d.ramshead, d benyon, g. watkinson] from the 1st session, Sorry if its caused any hassle for anyone, My apologies.
Fort air rifle club.
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