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Each proposal is sent out to each club representative in the minutes of each of the meetings. It is up to that club official to feedback opinions and suggestions at the meeting. At the past meetings where it was discussed, the clubs that were present (8 of the 10 clubs present) voted in favour of keeping the winter leagues as an informal affair with no shotgun starts and the feed on system. It was felt that this kept the spirit of the MFTA winter league alive. If people are queuing for an hour, then surely it would be a lot simpler for them to move around the queue and find the next free target, as has been suggested for the past 4 years.

I am not going to start a NEFTA vs. MFTA comparison - NEFTA is a different region with a lot more shooters than we have in the MFTA, and shot gun starts are a more viable option. We have had the whole 'if we did this then more of x region would turn up' which generally comes down to one or two shooters in the end. The MFTA strives to do things in the interest of each club and each shooter with in its region. If there are issues that need raising, then members should be talking to their club representative in a formal manner, not ******** like little girls in a playground.


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That's strange Lee, none of your above concerns have ever been a problem at the NEFTA winter leagues.

As to those moaning not coming anyway? not always the case I'm afraid. While I'm not moaning about your system I didn't attend last year as I'm not prepared to queue for upto an hour to start a course or stand about at my car waiting for the pack to thin, personally I'd have done most of your W/L shoots if a shotgun start had been used.

As always it's upto the Midland shooters to use whichever system they prefer, it just seems strange that the majority of MFTA shooters I have spoken to would prefer a Shotgun Start but then again maybe it's like in NEFTA where club reps make decisions with no consultation with their membership
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