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this **** is killing me.
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Originally Posted by Mog View Post
Perhaps 'is regulated' but doesn't have a 'regulator' would be the way to go?
i think that's were the confusion come's from.

If you define a regulated gun by it having a regulator, then define the regulator as a self contained unit, then your going to have problem with guns that have regulators that are not self contained unit's. What if Steyr decided to make the reg part of the internal frame for the next rifle, they use the same part's they used in the steyr lg110 reg ie:bellville washer's ect but put them in a chamber built into the internal frame where the cylinder screw's on, it still regulates the air but its no longer a self contained unit therefore it not a regulator which in turns mean it's not regulated.

For me thats poor logic, a regulated gun should be simply defined by whether the air from the cylinder is regulated, in the case of the HW it has a "chamber" (filled with special bit's ) after the cylinder which regulate's the air from the cylinder, hence the rifle is regulated, it does not matter whether that "chamber" is self contained unit or not, heck it doesnt matter what its called, all that count's is whether or not the air is regulated.

EDIT: With regards to defining a regulator, i wont go into specific's but would say you can have a reg that's a 'self contained unit' like with a steyr and you can have a reg that's 'built into the rifle' like with the HW.

That's my ten pence worth but im just an idiot so what do i know


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