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Originally Posted by Artfull-Bodger View Post
on a side note, if your HW100 two piece block is able to move thats either a miracle or somethings broken, I heard this rumour a while back and checked both my HW100s and K and two other rifles I was servicing at the time, the two halves are held together by two 6mm allen bolts mating a machined step faced joint together, to move you would have to damage the step face, and the amount of force required to do that would be considerable!
Aye, it's not a big amount of movement right enough, and it's not as though it rattles, more a case of the two halves slowing closing in over time.

It's not caused by a single blow, but rather by creep over (I'd estimate) a couple of tins of pellets (1,000 shots). You can't see it with the naked eye, and the only real giveaway is the fact that a magazine which used to slip in easily, will require a bit of effort to seat. It generally starts with only one of the two magazines, and then after a while neither will seat at all.

I guess it's quite similar to scope creep in many respects the scope feels solid and won't budge, but over a number of shots it'll creep out of its original position.

I've got a set of digital calipers now, so I'll be able to check and see that I'm not going mad. If I get peace and quiet to do my own thing at the outdoor range, I can easily burn through 500 pellets in a single visit, so it shouldn't take too long to double check my suspicions!
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