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The HW100 is definatly regulated, if you want to set these rifles up after service or repair you adjust the Regulator to read 90bar on a seperate external gauge(that you have to aquire or make yourself) which you screw into a port in the bottom of the front half of the two piece breech block, then adjust the power output on the hammer preload!
pressure is held at 90bar in the firing assy by the reg and you can hear the reg repressurising on some rifles, so I dont know what else constitutes a regulator?

on a side note, if your HW100 two piece block is able to move thats either a miracle or somethings broken, I heard this rumour a while back and checked both my HW100s and K and two other rifles I was servicing at the time, the two halves are held together by two 6mm allen bolts mating a machined step faced joint together, to move you would have to damage the step face, and the amount of force required to do that would be considerable!
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