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Originally Posted by CameronWilson View Post
The next time you're speaking to Weihrauch, please encourage them to produce versions of the HW10x rifles with adjustable cheekpieces? Likewise, I'm sure synthetic stocked versions would be well received as well!


Good luck with that one! A synthetic stock could be a possibility, but adjustable cheekpieces?
Everytime i've met Hans, and Stefan, i've asked them to make the forend on the spring guns slightly deeper to help with positional shots, nothing too drastic, just to the level of the trigger guard. No such luck as yet, although i think my showing them my own customstocked HW97K may have contributed to the release of the HW97KT.
Weihrauch know their market very well and their sales, popularity and the respect for quality the company has backs that up. If they felt that FT guns and adjustable stocks would increase these things they would no doubt produce them.
Nigel, i still regard the HW100 as regulated though. The valve system does regulate the air, whereas a knock open valve does not, so i'll call it a regulator.
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