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Originally Posted by JamesO View Post
I suspect this may become more of an issue as time goes by.

The following link takes you to FWBs website and what they have to say about cylinders, of interest to myself as I have an 8 year old FWB pistol.

FWB web page

I did hear of a competitor at a pistol comp not being allowed to compete because the cylinder on their pistol was over ten years old. Sounds harsh I know but in these days of legal action and ever more costly insurance not all that surprising.

Now different manufacturers may have different ideas about the lifespan of their cylinders be they steel or Alluminium but if you exceed that lifespan I suspect it will be at your own risk, and it might just be someone elses head you take off..........
I know new Walther cylinders have a manufacture date & a Use till date of 10 years later.

I think the 10year pistol thing is part of the ISSF rules, I'm not sure if it applies in the UK but it does apply in other countries.
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