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Originally Posted by HotShot View Post
The more rounds that are counted towards the total score will mean that the more consistent shooter will rise to the top. But it does work against anyone who can only attend a few shoots.

In NEFTA we hold 11 rounds in the winter league and have 9 of them to count towards your total score and qualifying for the regional team.

I really like the % based score as it seems really unfair for someone to put in a clear round and then the next best shooter come in on a 27 and only finish 1 point behind. That does not reflect the achievement of the best shooter on the day. much better to have them score 100% and 90% respectively.

Just my thoughts


i agree with the above i think its fair to all shooters the % way

OFF TOPIC but any plans to change the lane 1 start to shotgun start ?????

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