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Hi Greg

I run my .25 Mk2 Rapid at 910-915fps or 47ft Ibs. I've found anywhere from 905fps to 915fps is good accuracy in my barrel. Some lads have run there's at 950fps with good results too.

How new is your Daystate??? It may be the new barrel needing to be leaded in a little OR the reverse cleaned and then re-leaded.

It may be a case that your barrel may prefer a different pellet.......tried H&N Barracuda's at all??

31gr and a slightly more pronounced trajectory but are a very accurate pellet. I use JSB Kings over Barracuda's purely due to the lighter weight and accuracy isn't much difference

Here's a group with JSB Kings at 100yd lazed on a 75mm steel disc.

Can't remember the exact amount of hits but it was around 12 consecutive strikes.

Hope this helps some Greg but anymore I can help with just shout fella


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