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Originally Posted by Charlts View Post
As a starter, would these be any good?

Measured PX error at ranges 13, 30, 45y.

Clarity (or is it resolution?) - Std camera tests, there's loads available.

Does poi shift when px adjusted - How much?
I found parallax error at 45y a bit tricky with some budget scopes as you are trying to see the mildot referance sheet & the ret clearly enough to measure the error.

I made a jig to test a few scope for myself & Pete Sparkes, I parallax the scope in at 23y then check the error for a 5mm eye movement at 13y, the jig allows this to be exactly reproduced everytime.

The clarity tests would be good you could also add field of view & eye relief, the depth of field could be quantified by how far & close you could read a piece of set text when adjusted to the 23y parallax.
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