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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
It would be nice to see scopes tested against the same set of technical criteria instead of relying on reviewers opinions which can often be misguided. Rather than repeating claims made by manufacturers a specific set of tests carried out would be of much greater benefit to the buyer, not so benefitial to some of the manufacturers though which is why it won't happen.

Maybe it's about time a few of us could come up with a set of criteria for HFT scopes then carry out some tests of our own & publish them on here, it might help new shooters avoid making expensive mistakes by believing the magazines.
That's why I liked Tim's articles on HFT scopes, he could back things up with measurements. I'd certainly be up for donating scopes to be tested independently, I don't have the knowledge, kit or way with words to do any myself - It'd help if a decent shot with no ties or loyalties did them as well.

As a starter, would these be any good?

Measured PX error at ranges 13, 30, 45y.

Clarity (or is it resolution?) - Std camera tests, there's loads available.

Does poi shift when px adjusted - How much?
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