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Default Which rifle should I shoot at the World's

OK, so I'm filling in the entry form for the HFT Worlds, and it asks me for the manufacturers name.

Which casts up the dilemma I'm having - which rifle should I shoot?

The 2011 season has highlighted that my two biggest problems are my kneelers/standers, and parallax errors caused by inconsistent head alignment. I've had a joint PB of 54 with three different rifles and scopes, and I feel as though I've hit a glass ceiling until I can get these two problems sorted.

My choices of rifle are:

1. Steyr LG100 - joint PB of 54 to date
I've got both the HP and FT stocks for this rifle. The FT stock feels as though it gives me a fairly consistent head position, and I can adjust it so that it's a good fit for my kneelers and standers. The pellets mostly go where I want them to, but it's anybodies guess whether the rifle will have held its zero when I take it out of the case. On a good day, it's probably the third most accurate rifle that I own. It's probably the rifle that I enjoy shooting the most, and it's got the best trigger by far.

2. Hämmerli AR20FT - joint PB of 54 to date
This is by far the most accurate rifle that I own. It never has a bad day, and it's so predictable that it's bordering on the boring. The pellets always go where they should, it's just a case of making sure that I can hold it steady for long enough! Like the Steyr, I can adjust the Hämmerli's stock to get a better fit on the kneelers and standers. It's also got a really nice trigger. However it's a beast of a rifle, and it's not the easiest to lug around a 30 shot course. Even although it's super accurate, it's probably the rifle that I least enjoy shooting on an HFT course.

3. Daystate AirWolf CDT - joint PB of 54 to date
My AirWolf is probably the second most accurate rifle that I own. It just feels great on the HFT course, and it works well with one of my favourite scopes - my MTC Viper fixed 10X. For some reason I find standers a bit easier with this rife, even although theoretically the stock is the wrong shape. This rifle feels great in the shoulder and it balances really well.

4. Weihrauch HW100T
This is a rifle which I picked up secondhand which required a fair bit of TLC. My intention was to try building an HFT project gun with it. The barrel is set really high in the action, which means that with a 1" scope, I can get the objective lens really close to the barrel axis. According to ChairGun it seems to have a real benefit on the close targets and through the reducers. I've fitted an adjustable cheekpiece to help with my head alignment/parallax errors. I haven't had the opportunity to try this rifle in competition yet, but with the stock barrel it produced a cigar shaped group of about 0.75" x 1.25", 10 shots at 100yds - so it certainly seems accurate enough! It does jump a fair bit during the firing cycle (which I find uncomfortable after shooting the Steyr for so long) and its trigger is truly pants. But the flick out single-shot adapter will be great for HFT competitions.

So guys, what would your advice be?

Does the fact that I've scored 54 with all three rifles suggest that the accurate rifle isn't actually yielding any benefits? Or that the more adjustable FT stocks aren't actually making my kneelers and standers any more likely?

Is my choice of rifle largely irrelevant, and I should just be knuckling down and practicing my kneelers and standers?

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