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Originally Posted by Willbe View Post
Exactly why these things hopefully get tested before they get released into the wild, as for the statement "Accidents cannot be legislated against" I do not agree with that. Where we can we should do all we reasonably can to try and avoid incidents happening, and in this case was it an accident or was it bad engineering (and not neccessarily on Sportsmatch's part, i'm not familier enough with the situation to know who was told what and who was given what documentation regarding that batch of tubes)? Standard or non-standard you would expect them to be tested after either manufacture or modification, so that the confidence is that they are safe.
The point I'm making is that manufacturer or not accidents happen and even with the tightest legislation these accidents can and will continue to happen. From what I read the accident that's caused Antonio's injury has been down to failure of the end plug in a totally home brewed cylinder, the majority of people out there making non standard cylinders are already using tested/proven parts from manufacturers and changing the fittings to allow the cylinders to be used in other makes of rifle. There are a few who are totally hand making cylinders but as far as I'm aware, the reputable people who are, still use many factory manufactured parts in the production of their cylinders. That says to me that the majority of all the non standard cylinders already are generally made to a recognised standard.

I totally agree with the point you make about making all reasonable precautions to avoid incidents, and as such personally I would not be happy using a cylinder I knew to be totally home made, or modified in such a way that there is a breach in material integrity from what it was originally designed/made. I would say though that you cannot legislate against people who would do such things (because they will do it anyway) and it comes down to personal integrity as to whether you would personally use such a cylinder.

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