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Originally Posted by Gnhouse View Post
Accidents cannot be legislated against.

Look at Sportsmatch, a well regarded manufacturer who's engineering is exemplary. They received a bad batch of tubing causing iirc Tom Walton's GC2's cylinder to fail explosively. They then recalled all rifles of that batch to have cylinders ultrasonically tested. Now not everyone made it back at first so you then had a potential ticking bomb in every untested rifle. Just because a cylinder is non standard does not automatically mean it will fail, but by the same rational just because a cylinder IS standard does not mean it will be fail safe.

Exactly why these things hopefully get tested before they get released into the wild, as for the statement "Accidents cannot be legislated against" I do not agree with that. Where we can we should do all we reasonably can to try and avoid incidents happening, and in this case was it an accident or was it bad engineering (and not neccessarily on Sportsmatch's part, i'm not familier enough with the situation to know who was told what and who was given what documentation regarding that batch of tubes)? Standard or non-standard you would expect them to be tested after either manufacture or modification, so that the confidence is that they are safe.
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