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Originally Posted by Willbe View Post
Neither does pretending the potential isnt there, the only knee-**** reaction I see there are the words you posted above! I take it you missed the word REASONABLE? If you reread what I posted I called for NOTHING to be banned, just that if someone modifies something that is designed to hold 200Bar of pressure (that is a little under 200 times atmospheric pressure, or in old money 2900psi i.e. the weight a car applied on an area 1"x1") that it is at least engineered properly and tested so that it is safe. If you are comfortable to be in the presence of a cylinder that is holding that sort of pressure that Billy Bodgit has butchered in his garden shed, and that no-one knows sod all about then fine, BUT you cannot make that decision for everyone else or accept that that risk is acceptable on their behalf! All I have called for is good engineering practice, nothing that is difficult for the vast majority of good engineers carrying out this work.
It's nothing personal, this whole thread is bollocks, it's a problem that doesn't exist, if there was genuine concern about things going bang it would have shown by now. I just quoted your post as it was on the last page, that's all.
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