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Ok just read the whole thread and now appreciate it was a home brewed titanium cylinder. It seems that it was the alloy end caps that failed? As said down to poor design, either not enough threads or no fail safe built into the design, like air arms cylinders that mushroom if they fail (I've seen 3 like that one from over filling one that seemed to fail upon filling and one unknown, however I suspect it was from overfilling) it seems the cylinder was still intact but it was the fixings that blew. I still stand by my original post though and say that each case must be taken on it's own merits as there are a million and one variables that would come into whether a cylinder could burst or not, standard or non standard.

I'd also like to point out another more pertinent point would be to highlight safe working practice when filling rifles ie don't look down the barrel at the end of the cylinder, try and keep your hands and body parts away from high pressure connections when filling and always try and have the filling parts pointed in a safe direction so that if the worst was to happen you can try and minimise potential injury or damage. I've seen too many quick fill connectors fail and hoses burst to be complacent when filling guns.

I'd also just like to wish Antonio a full and speedy recovery from what must be a horrific injury.


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