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Originally Posted by AirArmsDavid View Post
Apologies, I should have explained what I meant by "ban".

I don't mean passing legislation to make them illegal.

I meant a ban by shooting organisations or clubs where someone turns up with a non-standard cylinder and is asked to leave (in the same way as if they had an over power gun), if they cannot provide satisfactory evidence on its safety. I have heard rumour that this has already happened somewhere?

Yes, I realise there could be some other component that's been fiddled with and renders the gun dangerous but I think if that too were obvious to the organiser/club they would have words with the shooter?

If all clubs/organisations/airgunners are happy to have any Heath Robinson airgun turn up, so be it. I'll keep a closer look out!
What about the guy who doesn't take enough care to dry his kit properly and has rust on cylinder hidden by stock?

What about people with older guns? should we ban them as they may fail due to age, being stressed by possibly thousands of fills over time?
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