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Originally Posted by LANKY MK View Post
Sorry but his injury's are irrelevant to the discussing, he could have been killed, it still doesnt mean 'we' need a ban on custom airgun cylinder and the geographical location of the incident does matter when talking about a ban in this country based on that incident, cylinder's could be exploding left right and center over there, doesn't me 'we' have a problem over here that need's addressing.
Apologies, I should have explained what I meant by "ban".

I don't mean passing legislation to make them illegal.

I meant a ban by shooting organisations or clubs where someone turns up with a non-standard cylinder and is asked to leave (in the same way as if they had an over power gun), if they cannot provide satisfactory evidence on its safety. I have heard rumour that this has already happened somewhere?

Yes, I realise there could be some other component that's been fiddled with and renders the gun dangerous but I think if that too were obvious to the organiser/club they would have words with the shooter?

If all clubs/organisations/airgunners are happy to have any Heath Robinson airgun turn up, so be it. I'll keep a closer look out!

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