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this **** is killing me.
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Originally Posted by AirArmsDavid View Post
Yes, I agree it is my knee **** reaction, the injured party being someone I know.

As has been said though, it's good to be made aware of the dangers from time to time, so perhaps not over the top when someone's almost been killed, however distant geographically.
I agree there's nothing wrong with being made aware of the danger's from time to time, talking about banning is a different thing altogether.

No one said 'being made aware of the dangers' is over the top, this thread is about a ban as such the over the top knee **** reation comment was related to this.

Sorry but his injury's are irrelevant to the discussing, he could have been killed, it still doesnt mean 'we' need a ban on custom airgun cylinder and the geographical location of the incident does matter when talking about a ban in this country based on that incident, cylinder's could be exploding left right and center over there, doesn't me 'we' have a problem over here that need's addressing.

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