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Default Custom cylinders

no there is no reason to ban (not that it could be done )or try and ban after market quick fills or cylinders
the problem comes from morrons doing stupid things .fiddling ,fitting the wrong threads and adaptors .etc
i saw a picture a while ago of a rapid 7 bottle that had been drilled and tapped and had a aa quickfill on it .....madness ,
i deal with hydraulics and hoses every day and the amount of people that come to my counter with mad ideas is scary .
i can only speak for one person that makes titainium cylinders that happens to be a very close friend of mine .and i know that he has done tests on cylinders to ensure they are safe ... i know as i built the test kit .
i am sure that the air arms s400 cylinder is designed to bevel out at the front end when over charged ...i am sure that would go with a bang
i do think that it would be good to know if there were unsafe kit going around ,however i do think that most of the problems come from people either fiddling with not enough knowledge of what they are dealing with .

if anyone is is unsure if things are unsafe ,then either ask about it or dont buy it .no one forces anyone to change there cylinders .

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