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Latest news:

"Father returned home today but is bedrested for at least a week but he said to me “My best medicine is to work in the office!” I have never heard this before! It was very funny but I told him to take it easy for a little while, of course when hes physically ready he will return.

He was just doing an ordinary charge to show that it wasn’t leaking anymore as he already fixed it, the leak wasn’t in the cylinder there was no problem in that part, the O-rings that he changed we’re in the HW-100 mechanism."

Great news.

So, nothing was done to the cylinder. It seems that by repairing the O-ring leak in the HW100's action, sufficient extra stress was placed on the cylinder threads for it to blow.

This is perhaps more serious for all of us. Suppose a UK shooter has had a 'custom' air cylinder made, then notices a leak from within the rifle's action. The night before a comp he changes the faulty O-ring, finds he's fixed the leak, but doesn't charge the cylinder to full pressure until he gets to the car park the next morning.
Casually filling his gun, the cylinder blows shooting a large projectile at.....?

Even with no leak or no repair of a leak, an over zealous twist of the filling bottle's valve could be just enough to blow the gun's cylinder.

Are custom airgun cylinders currently banned from clubs and shooting organisations/series organisers?
Please use my new thread to discuss the cylinder issue:

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