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Default uphill physically

OK, I am somewhat aged and recovering from abdominal surgeries (August and December) so I found the course interesting but somewhat painful. It was almost entirely uphill (just a few lanes at the end of the course were flat-ish) and this was hard on right-handers. I am still some ways off having any core strength/stamina and so standers were pretty wobbly for me. It would have been great if I were able to shoot left-handed :-)

Otherwise it was lovely to get out and I enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air. The early risers benefited, I think, from a lighter Newbury breeze but that valley is always fun, more so when the leaves have fallen and you can't really see the movement until the pellet hits the plate hahaha. I was happy with my 32 all considered but my insides are less happy today. I used to suffer from back pain (and the hill would have been bad for that) but the long lay-off from shooting seems to have helped. My personal thanks to my good club-mate Tony Elderfield who helped me by lugging the gun to the next lane a few times when it was really getting to me.


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