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Originally Posted by BigBluey View Post
And before you all say its never been correct , I know that.

May sound like a stupid question but if you dont ask you never know.
I am having issues getting my head position the same. Trying out a new scope (Lightstream 4-14x44FFP) but I am finding it dificult to reproduce the same placement everytime.
Today I shot at a target 3 times and only got it once, although I placed my mildot at the same point.
Now I know its down to PX error, but can someone please advise a way that I can reduce the effect, I have a perfect ring round the scope but I can move my head and the target moves about 5 mm each way, but I still have the perfect ring from the scope, anymore and I get a shadow.

Its driving me crazy and its costing me stupid points.
Come on oh wise shooters on here, I really need to get this sorted.

Is there a way that I know I am absolutly 100% dead center to scope? then I can use it as a reference point

Hi Simon,

The method I use is to move the scope backwards slightly so you get the black edge of the sight picture inside the eyebell, if the eye is slightly off centre this sight picture will not be concentric with the eyebell but off vertically or horizontally. As long as the sight picture is centred your head is in the same place everytime.

Also make sure you zero your side to side on your scope at your parallax distance, that way you aren't risking zero'ing with parallax error.
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