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Question How do I know when my head is correct

And before you all say its never been correct , I know that.

May sound like a stupid question but if you dont ask you never know.
I am having issues getting my head position the same. Trying out a new scope (Lightstream 4-14x44FFP) but I am finding it dificult to reproduce the same placement everytime.
Today I shot at a target 3 times and only got it once, although I placed my mildot at the same point.
Now I know its down to PX error, but can someone please advise a way that I can reduce the effect, I have a perfect ring round the scope but I can move my head and the target moves about 5 mm each way, but I still have the perfect ring from the scope, anymore and I get a shadow.

Its driving me crazy and its costing me stupid points.
Come on oh wise shooters on here, I really need to get this sorted.

Is there a way that I know I am absolutly 100% dead center to scope? then I can use it as a reference point

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