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Default Normal service

Originally Posted by holly View Post
Well thank goodness for that . normal service resumed as soon as poss ??? HOLLY
indeed my old tootless pal, normal service was resumed today.

Normal in that my preperation was todays weak link.

A Friends Birthday party last night a meant huge plate of chinease and 8- 10 cans of murphys / guiness.
No problem me thinks as stout does not give me hangover. Trouble was i forgot that i am fat bas..rd already and when i exopand further, breathing in the ft position is an issue.

so 20 stone today, need to be 19 by next sunday if I am to shot at tondu!

Priest with no 1 leup was todays rig, in the grey stock throwing 4.50 lubed express to the wind.

Did some rough setting up / checking dialings yesterday at tondu and noticed that it toook about 150 pellets after cleaning barrel for the groups to become tight, least as tight as i wanted them.
so did not re-clean barrel but went on with the lubed express today. Probably only did 20 or so pellets on the sero range as the belly problem had made an apperance and beside pellets were going where i wanted them.
will not clean now until it needs it, see if the lube has the desired effect in cutting down barrel pull throughs?

So Dowry Hill, one of my top 5 Ft grounds and i think my 4th visit

three previous visits had produced a best of 21, so 22 was the target.

Missed target 4 (50+) with a belly wobble, then target 12, a 30 ish stander through bad position and again not feeling very right, due to being fat and breathless.
Both bad shots really due to me. Only missed one other for wind, think it was another around 51 yards. Gave 3 edge (in the field, target 24?) and just as i shot the wind picked up and it struck 9 edge.

so happy enough, had on some targets in the woods around the gnoll given as much as 20 -40 ml of wind out of kill, some were edge. Both kneelers and 3 ex 4 stander so not too bad there.

Jsb Express the way forward?
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