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Originally Posted by AirArmsDavid View Post

I've had a number of people ask what was the cylinder that blew up, and I've asked Andrea this question tonight in an email. I hadn't wanted to ask previously as it has no bearing on his father's recovery.
From Andrea this morning...

"It was a Titanium HW-100 Cylinder that a friend had made, he came as it leaking air and after weeks work my dad found the neccsary orings that was leaking air, he wanted to show that it was leaking any but when we charged it the cap exploded the Cylinder is completely intact (3mm of Titanium holds very well) but the Aluminum cap was deystroyed my father thinks it might be cause there wasn’t enough thread to hold as they probably tried to save space in the cylinder for more air."

I'm not sure if Andrea is saying Antonio wanted to replicate the leak this cylinder had, or whether new O-rings were fitted. Either way, when filled the cylinder end cap thread became the weakest link and gave, propelling it like a giant pellet. Antonio's hand and head were its targets.

To me this shows that however expert someone may be at engineering, cylinders made by anyone but the original manufacturer should be avoided like the plague. Manufacturers test them to extreme pressures, as with BSA's 800BAR non-destructive test, to make sure this type of thing never happens.

Do you have a non-standard cylinder on your PCP? How good are its threads? Bin it now before you get hurt, or sued by someone you injure, or worse.
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