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Originally Posted by Charlts View Post
But it's blurred from 8-14, I'd love a scope that didn't blur at 8x and above but I've not heard of one yet.
Don't think my EFR would blur at 8X??....if it did it wouldn't be much Charlts!
It is the one i was trying to get the 30-30 ret changed to mildot...still haven't got around to it...

NOBODY is older than Woki period!


by the way i love the way the Tac 30 blurs just on 40yds and a wisper at 13yds (for my eyes anyway), i think it is great for rangefinding, PX error can be a problem (as with most scopes) but in saying that if i remember correctly you can tell your eye is not central reasonably easily though i can't be sure.
Can't comment on quality as mine seems fine but haven't ever used it in competition.
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